We welcome any query on Who When Where. If you have previously posted it on another forum (including the old WDYTYA forum), please state this in your opening post - this will save people redoing the research which has been done before: they can look at it and possibly go further with it.

How to continued..........

How to do genealogy research - tips from members who have been there, done that ...
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How to continued..........

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Hello Everyone

Having floated this idea to Memberes we have created this extra section. I appreciate we have similar sections that could overlap with this one, such as "Useful Resources", but the idea here is to create a section where Members can learn basic research methods, how to collect info from specific documemts and use that info to further their research and how to get the best out of the many websites that are now available.

I hope that Members will share their methods here, in particular to help those who are new to researching their Family History.


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How to find a grave

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How to find a grave.
The first step is to contact the church or cemetery to find the plot number, this could mean contacting the relevant crematoria or council offices for cemeteries.

If you know the plot number the easiest way is to go to the graveyard and look.

That may sound silly advice but many if not most masons add a plot number to the stones (so it is put over the correct grave). The plot number could be in various locations of the stones.
Some are on the side of the stone near the top, some on the back near the top and a few low down on the front (these are often the most difficult to find as they may be hidden by grass or actually just below the ground surface).
The plot number will normally contain a letter for the row and a number(s) for the position on the row. You may also be told the section of the graveyard as well.
It is then a case of looking how the graveyard is arranged, i.e. how the rows and the numbers run.
Find the row then count the graves and spaces back to the required plot number.
As a last resort if the section does not have many memorials it may be you will have to pace out from a memorial containing its plot and number to find the correct plot.
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Re: How to continued..........

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And of course it depends on whether the mason has actually done what you paid for...!
My mother paid for her great aunt to be added to the plot where said great-aunt's parents and sister (my birth grandmother, who died when my mother was 3) were buried when she died in the 1980's. I have the receipt. As part of my research I visited the cemetery (Red Hill, Arnold, Notts) about 6 years ago to find that her name was nowhere to be seen.

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Re: How to continued..........

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It may be that the person was not buried in the churchyard but in the church as one of my relatives are, probably underneath the pews. Places like St Austell in Cornwall have removed the gravestones to one side of what is now a park.

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