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Charles Moah 3rd Battalion Royal Artillery

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Re: Charles Moah 3rd Battalion Royal Artillery

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Bridget could be recorded as Noah in 1881 in Liverpool.
At number 1 Queen Street, with son John.
She is age 48, formerly laundress
piece 3610 folio 75 page 4

meekhcs wrote:
10 Feb 2021, 19:45
I was lucky Jon, I scored a free upgrade with Ancestry for a year because of problems I had with the site ;)
Well done! I expect you are still having some problems, because we all do with ancestry!
meekhcs wrote:
10 Feb 2021, 19:45
researchers too because these days we are force fed Ancestry FMP etc.
That is true. They have their uses though!
Thunder wrote:
11 Feb 2021, 01:34
As to the microfilming of the WO 69 records I am sure that if you put in an FOI request they should be able to tell you how much has been microfilmed, it might take a month or so given the Coronavirus crisis and problems accessing records since most staff are not in the building.
Thank you for the suggestion. It will be a drop in the ocean of course, but I guess we are all frustrated when we can't get hold of records, even when a possible means is there!

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