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Findmypast new interface

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Re: Findmypast new interface

Post by AdrianBruce »

It seems to me that flickering should not appear without the ability to turn it off. I suspect that it doesn't, but could be wrong. Further, because of the Health & Safety aspect the default should be to set this flicker inducing display off.

As for the ability to switch off the film strip, I contacted FMP about it, explaining that it gets in the way, especially when you're using a laptop. Their response emphasised the value of images (which you may feel to be patronising) and then said:
The option to turn off the page navigation tool you mention is not possible. We will continue to monitor its usage and any feedback we receive.
Your feedback has been logged with the Product team involved in this launch.
So I definitely think that the designers sat there with their big screens and couldn't see any issue.

Please folks - feedback that it gets in the way if that's what you think.
Adrian Bruce

Mick Loney
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Re: Findmypast new interface

Post by Mick Loney »

I received the same response from FMP regards my complaint, but they didn’t seem to get the bit about flickering, as it wasn’t mentioned at all. I sometime wonder why we bother complaining, as they don’t appear to read the details of the complaint, but just note it the complaint was something to do with the new screen layout so give a standard response,
As for the film strip, I really don’t see the advantage of it at all, as one has always had the ability to move back and forwards using the side arrows. You can’t see the detail in the strip images, so what is the big deal in showing them?

I’m still waiting for a reply from Ancestry regards their slider popups!

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Re: Findmypast new interface

Post by paulr1949 »

AdrianBruce wrote:
23 Feb 2021, 12:39
Paul - I have the same subs as you but the (what shall we call it?) "sandwich" icon doesn't appear on all collections. I've seen it on census pages, and (IIRC) on the later, pre-printed, formatted pages for baptisms. They seem to be formats where the data is in a pretty predictable position. Pre-Roses Act baptism and burial registers, which are just plain paper, don't have the icon, I guess because the writing could be anywhere on the page. Logically, overlaid text (with consequential flickering) should only appear with the predictable positioning.

When the new FMP interface first appeared, I did submit a request saying "How do I turn the filmstrip off because it covers 1/3(?) of my laptop's payload area?" - I have heard nothing yet, which perhaps suggests this was an OSINTOT moment ("Oh Sugar, I Never Thought Of That" - roughly).
I did look at one census page but still no joy. I'll look at different census entries (censi?) later

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