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How to.............

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How to.............

Post by meekhcs »

There are so many knowledgeable Family Historians/Genealogists on the Forum, who readily give of their time and expertise.

Perhaps we should have a new section on here to collate all the tips we are given to navigate some of the websites we all use?

The posts written yesterday by Guy and Mick on IGI/FamilySearch have brought this idea to mind. In this case whilst many of us may be familiar with Familysearch I suspect the majority, especially those new to researching, are not.

What do people think? Would you find it useful? Would people be prepared to contribute?

Many thanks

Mick Loney
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Re: How to.............

Post by Mick Loney »

Not a bad idea. I’ve often come across techniques that I thought others may benefit from. I’d willingly dip my toe in when the occasion arises :D
Perhaps another section called Tips?

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Re: How to.............

Post by meekhcs »

Thanks Mick

Yes something short and snappy to get people's attention.

I have been researching for years and have probably forgotten more than I have remembered, and am happy to pick up new ideas.. I enjoyed reading through the posts on FS/IGI


Norfolk Nan
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Re: How to.............

Post by Norfolk Nan »

I’d certainly appreciate a place for explanation and advice on the processes of family history research. I’m one of those who benefits more from the experience of others than floundering about.

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Re: How to... Parish Register Transcripts

Post by Guy »

Parish Register Transcripts

There are approximately the 12,500 or so ancient parishes in England, many have had their parish registers transcribed.

The Society of Genealogists

The Society of Genealogists (SoG) claims to have the largest collection, having transcripts for some of the records of about 10,000 of the 12,500 or so ancient parishes.
Their catalogue may be searched online at -

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) has a very large collection of copies of parish registers & bishops’ transcripts, these were originally available on microfilm and microfiche.
Most if not all of these have now been digitised and many are available online, but due to licencing arrangements some may only be accessed at LDS Family History Centers.
Various other data sets are also available from the LDS such as the British Vital Records Index (BVRI)

Phillimore's Marriages

Phillimore's Marriages is a series of transcripts never intended to cover every parish in England but to fill in the gaps between the transcripts done by others. covers 29 counties in England with many parishes being missed out of the series.
I don't have a current list of the parishes transcribed but the 1913 catalogue claimed it covered 30 counties and over 1200 parishes.
The coverage of parishes varied according to the county with few if any county covering all parishes and the end date for most was circa 1812.
Having said that they form a valuable easily accessed resource and if my memory is correct a few of the smaller parishes also contain baptisms and burials as well.

In addition many Family History Societies have transcribed and made available transcripts of parish registers. To access visit the relevant FHS website.

There were/are a number of Parish Register Societies up and down the country such as the two largest, the Lancashire Parish Register Society formed in 1898 and the Yorkshire Parish Register Society founded in 1899 who have been transcribing and publishing parish registers since the early 20th century. A few are still independent but others are now the publishing section of the relevant FHS

There is also the excellent Online Parish Clerk scheme.
Volunteers who will attempt to transcribe, index and make available online as many records as possible for their “adopted” parish.
See https://www.genuki.org.uk/big/OPC for more details.
As we have gained from the past, we owe the future a debt, which we pay by sharing today.

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Re: How to.............

Post by petergroves81 »

I've created a new forum called Tips, but noted that there are already a couple of forums with similar purposes.

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Re: How to.............

Post by meekhcs »

Thank you Peter.

I envisaged that this section would help members make the best use of the sources that are available to them in the following ways.
1. Tips and tricks regarding the large Family History websites which at first sight are rather daunting
2. How to make the most of every record they find for an Ancestor, eg witnesses on a marriage certificate may lead to further info regarding their Family or help confirm another piece of info they have found.
3. Etc.

I hope people will take a minute or two to add in posts to show others how they use different websites etc.

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Re: How to.............

Post by Chiddicks »

Like many of you, I have a large number of men who served during WW1, some fortunately survived, but many were among those that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country try and never returned home. I have researched their lives over the years and have put together a few tips and ideas for anybody researching a soldier themselves, there are also some links that you might find useful. This is aimed primarily at those first looking into their military history and feel free to add any websites that you regularly use and I will happily add the links to my blog.

https://chiddicksfamilytree.com/2021/03 ... 1-soldier/

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