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Tell members about what you have found useful, and find out about other researchers' go-to resources.
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Free resources

Post by pinefamily »

Great to find this great site. Well done to all those responsible.
I know I'm probably preaching to the converted but don't forget all of the fantastic free resources out there on the web.
Sites such as Freebmd, FreeReg, FreeCen, and of course the often neglected familysearch site. All great sites to access information, and for free. I'm sure there are many more as well.
And yes, as mentioned elsewhere, Google can be a great tool in itself. I have made many discoveries just by googling a nama and place.

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Re: Free resources

Post by sdup26 »

I'd like to recommend which has links to just about every family history resource available across the British Isles.

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Re: Free resources

Post by paulr1949 »

I’d second that, I’ve found a great deal of interesting stuff that way. In some cases a link has gone straight to FS images rather than the ordinary search.

Mick Loney
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Re: Free resources

Post by Mick Loney »

Not forgetting the OPC projects (Online Parish Chest). E.g., who are slowly working through the Parish Registers within Lancashire, transcribing and publishing the results on-line. Great effort, which deserves our full appreciation-thanks guys

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Re: Free resources

Post by Templ4r »

Thousands of scanned books freely downloadable. ( just make a donation ) This is where the E bay parish register sellers get them from.

National library of Australia. Books, newspapers and high resolution scans of Ordnance survey maps on England from around 1830.

click on bottom menu box for interactive map index, then you can load the map you want.
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Re: Free resources

Post by meekhcs »

another great free opc project free parish registers for West Somerset

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Re: Free resources

Post by VALLMO9 »

Crew List Index Project:
Good resource for anyone researching British merchant seafarers of the late 19th and early 20th century

Cornwall OPC Database:

West Middlesex Family History Society:
I have Isleworth ancestors and this site has been a very helpful resource

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