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Bloxwich Volunteers

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Bloxwich Volunteers

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I am hoping that someone can help with any information on the Bloxwich Volunteers.

Thomas Richard Massey (my great great grandfather) died in 1903 and his obituary thanked the Officers and NC Officers of the Bloxwich Volunteers. Until we found this notice in the local papers, we had no idea that Thomas Massey had any military or army connection.

We would love to know who or what the Bloxwich Volunteers were? Thomas was born in 1842 and died in 1903, and lived all in life in Bloxwich.

Many thanks for any help.
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Re: Bloxwich Volunteers

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Perhaps there is a clue here
http://www.drillhalls.org/CountyImages/ ... etails.txt


D Company

Bloxwich was the home of D Company 5th South Staffs. There was no drill hall; the company shared the use of 'the Bloxwich Public Hall, situated in Wolverhampton road, locally known as the Music hall, [which] is available for concerts and is also used as a drill hall for the Territorials of E Company 5th South Staffordshire Regiment.'

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