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Trying to get it right is driving me crazy!

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Re: Trying to get it right is driving me crazy!

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before VALLMO9's message I had - 1911 census has a Selina Hatherley aged 29, as an inmate of the Totnes Union Workhouse. She has a birthplace of Brixham. One observation is that Selina is a popular name in the wider Hatherley family. I even spotted a Selina Hatherley marrying a William Hatherley in 1881, which might complicate things. So as well as multiple Charles Heale’s there are almost certainly multiple Selina’s.

Although I don't want to reinvent the wheel I would be interested to know the answer - how do I access the topic from the old forum. I tried the link provided in this forum "read this first" but couldn't work out a way to locate the topic.
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Re: Trying to get it right is driving me crazy!

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You will find her as Atherley in 1901, Hatherleigh in 1891, parents William and Selina Wylie. Selina died around the time she gave birth to Selina Ada in 1884.
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